We can’t do this without you chipping in!

Could you help the BillyChip team? It would be fabulous to have you on board!

All we need you to do is, next time you’re picking up a coffee from your favourite coffee shop, ask them if they have heard of the BillyChip?

Show them our website and where to find the app and how they can sign up to the BillyChip scheme. We want to sign up as many outlets near and far to help spread kindness and compassion even further, so, wherever you are, just chip in!


How much time would I need to commit to volunteering?

That’s up to you, it could be as little as just letting an outlet know about the scheme and how to join, when you pick up a coffee or you could go all out BillyChip warrior style and signup loads of outlets!

How do I sign an outlet up to the scheme?

That’s simple, get the outlet to download the App from our website or search in the App/Play store for “BillyChip”. They can enter your volunteer code upon signing up, so make sure you share it.

How do I explain the scheme to potential outlets?

You can show them our Outlets infogram via the website / YouTube channel or download it and save it to your device. You can share our website with them or email them with your code via our Chip In section on our website.

Does the scheme operate outside of the UK?

Not today but BillyChip is looking to expand so please get in touch.