Delivering kindness, compassion
and a free hot drink

What is BillyChip®? Give them to rough sleepers and homeless people as an alternative to cash! They can be redeemed in coffee shops and takeaways for food and drink – share a little kindness and compassion whilst also donating to other like-minded charities!

The BillyChip is a unique safe and secure platform which allows the public to directly donate to rough sleepers without the fear of their donation being miss used for drugs or alcohol.

The recipient can redeem a BillyChip in coffee shops and takeaways for the minimum of a hot or cold drink of their choice, many outlets offer more.

Invented by Billy Abernethy-Hope a twenty-year-old ambulance driver from Bristol. Tragically, Billy died before he could see his idea become a reality and as a result, his family launched the BillyChip in his memory.

About Billy

The BillyChip®️ Foundation registered charity 1188779 was set up in 2020 to continue the legacy of Billy Abernethy-Hope a twenty year old ambulance driver from Bristol. He was the inspiration and idea behind the BillyChip Scheme.

After helping support the homeless at Christmas, Billy, felt disheartened at how little support the general public gave to local homeless people. Many people donate to charity but Billy was surprised what a small percentage of donations were given directly to people living rough on our streets.

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Our Outlets

We can’t do this without the wonderful support of coffee shop and takeaway outlets joining the scheme. We often get lovely feedback from outlets and the homeless about how the scheme has improved communication and relationships between sectors of the community. It’s free to become an outlet and we even pay you for any redeemed chips.

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Chip In

We are a little non-profit social enterprise with really big ideas about changing life on the streets for rough sleepers. We don’t have mega bucks or big corporate sponsors but we have a belief that things can be so much better with a little kindness and compassion. Together we can make the world a better place for everyone in our community and actually it’s pretty easy to do!

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How it works

Watch our short video below to find out what the BillyChip is and how it works for you!

Become an Outlet

It’s simple to become an outlet and begin selling BillyChips to benefit your community. It is free to join the scheme, and we will send you your starter pack, pay for any chips redeemed, you will help your customers, who will then help rough sleepers, and together we will make the world a better place.

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Who doesn’t love merch? From hoodies to full-on tracksuits we’ve got you covered, quite literally, in BillyChips! All products bought on the shop, the proceeds go back into the BillyChip bringing more people the things they need and helping support our community!

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We are a small group of volunteers working to make a big difference in the lives of those who have nothing. The simple act of giving a BillyChip to a rough sleeper has a significant impact on their mental health and wellbeing; just knowing that someone is thinking of them can change their state of mind – when you have nothing, even the most basic things we take for granted, such as a hot cup of tea, can be life-changing. We need every bit of assistance we can get to spread the BillyChip scheme across the country.

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