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The BillyChip® Foundation registered charity 1188779 was set up in 2018 to continue the legacy of Billy Abernethy-Hope a twenty year old ambulance driver from Bristol who was the inspiration and idea behind the BillyChip.

After helping support the homeless at Christmas, Billy felt disheartened at how little support the general public give to them. Many people donate to charity on a regular basis but Billy was surprised at how small the percentage of these donations were given directly to those who need it, living rough on our streets.

The common perception is that “if I give money to a homeless person, it will be used for drugs or alcohol”. People often feel a desire to help but since Covid -19 there is a drive toward a cashless society, and it is increasingly likely people don’t carry cash to hand for someone in need. This is where the BillyChip really works, it breaks down barriers, allowing people to engage and offer some help to a homeless person. This small act of kindness not only helps the person in need but also helps to build better communities within our towns and cities.

BillyChip Community
Interest Company

We are a registered non-profit social enterprise set up to deliver Billy’s idea of a simple, safe and secure platform to allow the general public to support the homeless with kindness, compassion and a free hot drink.

Number: 12947335

BillyChip Foundation

The BillyChip Foundation is a UK-registered Charity. Our mission is to financially support charities that share Billy’s passion to improve the lives and well-being of homeless people.

Number: 1188779

We also support other like-minded charities

The unique way in which the scheme operates allows us to financially support other homeless organisations. Buying a BillyChip goes beyond just a free hot drink for our rough sleepers, it provides choice, hope and a sense of community.

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Billy’s legacy continues to surprise us all, from Professor Green asking to perform in our garden at Billy’s memorial service, to being invited on to the BBC red sofa. We have travelled the country spreading the message of the BillyChip and how generosity is contagious.

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Our key outlets

We can’t do this without the wonderful support of coffee shops and takeaways joining the scheme. See our Outlets page for more.

UK-based Change Please is a social enterprise and coffee blend expert, operational in over 8 countries, 100% of its profits go towards helping homeless people with housing, training, jobs and other life skills to help get them back on their feet. They have an 85% success rate with trainees finding ongoing employment and over 500 successful baristas created so far.

Better Foods are a Bristol-based independent retailer and café that specialise in sourcing organic, local and ethical food and products. They aim to be a positive force in the community, supporting local causes, campaigning about the things they believe in and making each of the stores a thriving hub of activity.

Greggs is the UK’s leading bakery, which provides coffees, pastries, and sweet treats “Always fresh and always tasty”. Currently, in 9 of their stores, they are helping provide rough sleepers with the nation’s favourites. With plans to roll out the scheme further in 2023 we hope to be in your local Greggs soon.

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